1. Why Wait

From the recording Spirit is the Power

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James Watson - Bass
Christopher Cordoba - Instruments, Programming and Background Vocals
Paul Frederick - Vocal

Produced by Christopher R Clark


Why Wait

Just as she landed embedded in the chrome
An outline of herself as if she was at home
Sleeping in an armchair or comfortable in bed
My work is done, why wait
Why wait, she said

Hidden in the numbers a hint of chloroform
Flying from the awful heights where myths and dreams are born
Slamming on the limousine, a feather meets its mate
My work is done she said, she said
Why wait?

Humble is the spirit that throws itself away
Pure is the conquest of the shattered, troubled day
I’d wrap myself around her if she were here today
My work is done, why wait, she said
Why not fly away?
Why not fly away?