From the recording The Spoiler Versions

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Paul Frederick - lead vocals
Christopher Cordoba - guitar, synths, programming, backing vocals
James Watson - bass
David Watson - backing vocals
Evan Jenkins - drums

Produced by Christopher R Clark
Engineered by James Watson
Mixed by James Watson and Christopher Cordoba


Deep inside the tunnel along the mountain road
Between the tired, levered thighs that keep you on your own
In love with your own company, dissatisfied with life
In the silence there of adulthood and its trickling time

It’s hard to think of you travelling alone
Compact and assured, and vulnerable
To hypnotists and salesmen able to control
Your love of all men equally with your sensible soul

I don’t know why my heart was beating so slow

The phantoms and the allergies of the very faithful heart
Celebrating beach life as the city falls apart
We have to get our story straight before we go to sleep
I don’t belong in your world but you belong to me

I don’t know why my heart was beating so slow
You reveal nothing but the face only the Gods appreciate