1. Pionus

From the recording The Spoiler Versions

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Paul Frederick - lead vocals
Christopher Cordoba - guitar, synths, programming
Produced by Christopher R Clark
Mixed by Christopher Cordoba


Not sure you did much wrong
The rain came and filled the lakes
The alligators made their plans
Praying for the summer to go on forever

Interred for your exotic looks
Two of nature’s rarest in a cage
Not Frankenstein or Dracula
But blue and yellow birds who want to fly together

If I had you, you would be free to go
To taste the world and make your own mistakes
To revel in your beauty in the highest trees
To watch the rain come down and fill the lakes

Now it’s time to sell you on
And feel the need for breeding in your bones
The ache of love unjustified
But what you face at home will not go on forever